2022 Annual Report

We are radical pursuers of Jesus Christ determined to make a difference in this generation by living each day with eternity in mind.

2022 Annual Report

Welcome to the Greatest Journey of Your Life!

Our philosophy is one of service as we come together in the church to be empowered to go to all spheres of societal influence. We can bring the kingdom of God to the earth in the areas of arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government, and media.

Our mission is to raise up a new generation that will live radically for Christ through the implementation of the Great Commission and demonstration of the love of God in every home in Charleston until this world is won for Christ.

2022 Annual Report

A Letter from our Senior Leaders

2022 brought Kingdom Enlargement to our region. North Palm serves as a catalyst leader in bringing cultures together, races together, and spiritual streams together, and this unity is bringing forth fruit. The greater Charleston region has such a weighty responsibility to the nation and the nations. There are no superstars in the Kingdom but rather an army that is rising under the one and only superstar, Jesus Christ.

As we reflect on this past year, it brings great hope for the future. The dry bones are coming back to life. Families are coming together as the building block we so desperately need in society. The seven spheres have lights of hope shining in some of the darkest places. Understanding that shakings will continue, North Palm is positioning itself to be ready as a place of refuge and hope.

Our greatest honor is to serve with you. As we each continue to choose unity, we will see manifestations of the Kingdom that our forefathers only dreamed of seeing. 2022 was a heavy year of preparation, and 2023 will be a year of great demonstration. Lines of demarcation are already beginning to be seen. Distinctions will become more and more evident in 2023. We encourage you to allow this report to be a testimony of what a group of people can do together. We encourage you to dream higher and step into a place of faith without limits.

Remember, we are going from Victory to Victory! This is not a season of the fainthearted but for the warrior to arise. Together, let’s watch idols fall and Jesus be exalted.

Much love,

Mark and Patricia Estes
Senior Apostles

2022 Annual Report

Leadership Development

In Leadership Development at North Palm, we emphasize the importance of converts growing into disciples, disciples becoming leaders, and leaders becoming world changers. Having navigated a pandemic and seen the shaking that is on the earth in different areas, we are more convinced than ever that this earth needs the ecclesia to come forward with God’s solutions to overwhelming earthly problems. When the bible says “make disciples” or “the bride has made herself ready” the transfer of responsibility is put into our hands. We must continue to partner with God and mature into the sons and daughters of God that the world is looking for. We must be able to bring heaven to earth. After all, it’s the plan of God. Welcome to the journey. The culture of North Palm is Leadership Development. Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of a group. As followers of Jesus Christ, our goal is to set the culture of heaven on earth through the components of an apostolic house.

New 2022 Primary Leaders

Rene Alvardo

Timothy Ashton

Odisnel Cooper

Henry Griffin

Blanche Keyter

Pieter Keyter

Heather McCreight

Skipper McCreight

Tony Mejia

Denise Patrick

Tammy Satterfield

Dorlene Smith

Pamela Strich

Matt Groff

The Encounter Experience

The Encounter is designed to escort you through a reflection of your life from past to present. During your Encounter experience, you will come to a revelation of the Cross and the value that God has placed on you as a son or daughter. In 2022, we had 196 individuals who attended an Encounter.


new individuals

School of Discipleship

The School of Discipleship is designed to challenge you in your spiritual understanding of God’s word and invite you to go on a quest to discover your spiritual gifts and calling. This is a training that consists of two classes offered quarterly following the Encounter Experience. In 2022, we had 180 individuals successfully complete the School of Discipleship.


successful completions

Discovery Sessions

This is an individual scheduled session with a North Palm Leader and includes a Gift Assessment and Five Fold Assessment. These tools will enable you to find your place in the local community of believers as well as be a positive societal influence. You must complete School of Discipleship to advance to a Discovery Session. In 2022, we had 180 individuals complete a Discovery Session.


Discovery Sessions

Total Enrolled in Leadership Development 2022: 557

Prophetic Journey

The Prophetic Ministry at North Palm is about empowering and equipping the body and preparing the hearts of others to come to know Jesus. It is an honor to participate with the Holy Spirit in the greatest prophetic movement on the earth! Here is a summary of those who were encouraged and uplifted through the prophetic ministry of North Palm as it flowed in and out of the body advancing the Kingdom in our assignment during 2022.


School of Prophets




Prophetic Mentorship


Prophetic Prayer Sessions


Prophetic Ministry Community Wide

Charis Ministry

The Charis Ministry (pronounced care-is), sometimes known as lay-counseling in other churches, is a ministry offered at North Palm to provide short term support to individuals going through difficult seasons, where encouragement, prayer and Biblical truth is needed. In 2022 this ministry offered two Healing Prayer workshops to over 25+ individuals as well as offering education sessions for the Fivefold Pastors and Primary Leaders of North Palm.

Sozo Ministry – 91

Deliverance Ministry

In conjunction with other healing ministries in the church (e.g., physical healing, SOZO), North Palm has developed teams that will meet with individuals for personal and generational deliverance. This exciting ministry demonstrates the compassion and love of Jesus and His desire for all of His children to walk in freedom and live the destiny He has prepared for us. In 2022 this ministry led 85 inner healing/deliverance prayer appointments.

2022 Annual Report

Creating Family Together

Healthy Families Growing Together at North Palm.

Service Times

Sundays at 10:00AM

Dynamic Celebration with Worship and the Word!

Sunday Services

Sunday Service is bilingual and is held at 10 am in our Embassy (Sanctuary). Come and be a part as the cultures and the generations gather as the body of Christ to experience the Power and Glory of God!

Leadership Development

Each Wednesday we come together for sessions designed to create strong and powerful disciples of Christ.

2022 Annual Report

Creating Community Together

Wherefore, we acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things in heaven, and in the earth and under the earth.

Family is God’s heart, and North Palm is intentional to build a community of connectivity-an atmosphere of family. Having spiritual Dads and Moms embracing a diverse and growing group of sons and daughters makes North Palm a very exciting and active place. As a family, we are committed to grow together into all of the plans God has for us. We are learning to both cry together and celebrate together knowing that unity is the answer to Jesus’ prayer.

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of jesus, his son, purifies us from all sin. (1 John 1:7)

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Counseling Center

North Palm Counseling Center (NPCC) is located on North Palm Campus as an extension of North Palm Church. Its purpose is to bring healing, clarity and strategies to hurting people who want to grow through a variety of methods under the care of a professional counselor. We believe the entirety of the Bible contains infallible and absolute truth, which is life-giving and unchanging. This standard of truth is the starting point for how NPCC approaches professional counseling treatment (see a full description of our church’s theology). With this Scriptural foundation firmly in place, effective Christian therapy looks to the fields of Psychology and Counseling to utilize a broad variety of research-based, effective treatment modalities that are compatible with a Christian world-view. A true integration of theology and counseling brings the hope and presence of Jesus into the process with a clear understanding that He is the Healer.

In 2022 NPCC trained and supervised 7 graduate students in pursuit of their master’s in clinical mental health counseling at Charleston Southern and Liberty University. It was a privilege and our blessing to serve over 230 clients, completing 2,676 hours of psychotherapy for the year!

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Preschool

The private preschool for the children of staff and anyone active in leadership development is a response from parents needing a Bible-based solution to early childcare. We have seen so much growth in our second year. Both our student enrollment and teaching staff have doubled. We want to do our part to help prepare the next generation of world changers. The preschool has three classes serving ages 1-5 and is led by its Co-Directors, Anna Sotelo and Yessica Cooper.

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Latinos

What a great year! The Harvest is here! We had a tremendous and powerful 2022 with our Hispanic team this year. Our Latino leaders in North Palm are growing and becoming a blessed group of people seeking the kingdom of God. Our Hispanic leaders are agents of change for our city and community.

We saw miracles, signs, and wonders among our members. Many of the Hispanics received miracles in their families, receiving their legal papers, earning promotions, and a good many becoming homeowners. God has been so faithful and good with our Hispanic brothers and sisters. Their mindsets are changing by seeking the kingdom of God, and it is bringing supernatural transformations in their lives. They learned how to walk in faith and how to continue learning and discovering the mysteries of God. The Hispanic community is hungry for the presence of God, and they received deliverance, restoration, and transformation.

The Encounters were powerful and brought meaning into their lives by discovering their calling and gifts/talents.

We saw a great number of our Hispanics serving in different areas of the church, despite their language barrier. They enjoyed working and serving in the children’s ministry, hospitality, parking, media, café, etc.

Our North Palm Español platform continues to be a good source of connection and communication. Our leaders get the opportunity to share words, messages, worship, prophetic words, and more in our North Palm Español social media. This page helps our Latinos to navigate to the different services and activities that we offer, including Latin Nights where we can all worship together in Spanish.

We had 4 Latin Nights with our North Palm Latin Band bringing the rhythms, music, and praise. The singers and musicians ignited the Embassy with the presence of God bringing deliverance, and hope.

Latin nights took us to experience the move of the Holy Spirit, and families enjoyed engaging and worshiping together. From the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Africa, Canada, Europe and more, each country brought its own heritage and worship style to praise God.

Our Spanish Levites added a monthly worship at the chapel on Cross County Road, inviting all of our Spanish-speaking families to come pray and worship in their language. Every worship was powerful, and the presence of God filled the chapel. The participants were able to connect and engage with the flow of the spirit.

Ellas ministry had a great year, bringing ladies together to have an intimate time of sharing the Word of God, testimonies, and prophetic words. The ladies were encouraged, inspired, and ministered to every month with different topics as well as delicious Latin American breakfasts. Ellas continues to be a great evangelistic tool for the Hispanic ladies in the community.

We continue our Spanish online growth segments, giving our people the opportunity to grow in the Lord and find their purpose.

The Guardians on the Wall covered the Church with their intercession and prayers. They supported different events, conferences, Latin nights, apostles, and leaders. They are a growing group, and we saw a growing number of male intercessors covering us in prayer. The Guardians brought a new passion for prayer to new Spanish intercessors. We have many married couples that joined this group to war for the families.

The hand of God moved mightily with our Hispanic members. They experienced breakthroughs, healing, deliverance, prosperity, and more.

We had an awesome 2022, and we are declaring the “Big Harvest” from our Latin community.We are looking forward to a supernatural move from the Holy Spirit in our Latinos for 2023!

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Levites & Media

North Palm Levites is the worship ministry named after the Levitical tribe of the Old Testament. Similar to the responsibility of the Old Testament Levites, our desire, first and foremost, is to minister to the Lord and move His heart. In 2022 the Levite and Media Ministry experienced growth, breakthrough, and taking territory for the kingdom of God. The Levites have received several important prophetic words in 2022 that gave direction to the course of the ministry. Cindy Jacobs told us “the CD would shake the nations,” and we were to record one because God is in a hurry. Jane Hamon prophesied that songwriters would arise from Charleston. John Bates prophesied that Nashville is coming to Charleston and the people coming would be moved by our authenticity and humility.

Through the course of 2022, the Levites prepared for the first live recording, and the prophetic word became a reality on October 28, 2022. Then opportunities to bring professional songwriters arose, and Nashville is set to come to Charleston for a Master Class in 2023. The Levites have been pushing themselves and honing their craft as songwriters to partner with the word of the Lord over this ministry. We believe we will see more fruit of these words in 2023. The Levite ministry added 11 new people, and the Media team added 10 new people in 2022.

The impact that the Levite and Media Ministry has made in 2022 is not only physically evident, but we believe it is spiritually evident. We have received countless comments, messages, and words of how the worship has brought breakthroughs in people’s lives, families, and community. We believe this impact is spiritually evident because we understand that there are shifts that take place in the unseen realm when we praise and worship. We believe in 2023 the fruit will multiply, and more and more souls will be won for the kingdom of God. In 2022, people from around the world enjoyed 97.8K hours of worship and 1.1 million views on the channel. Our North Palm Worship YouTube channel also gained over 4,000 new subscribers. We believe there is so much power in the spreading of the gospel through the media. We are so grateful for this ministry and the impact it continues to have on the world.

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Kidz

“And calling to him a child, he (Jesus) put him in the midst of them and said, ‘Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’” – Matthew 18:2-3 ESV

Hello, North Palm families! 2022 was a year to remember! We no sooner got settled into our new Embassy building before we had to move again because we had so many children attending! What an amazing problem for us to have!!!

With all of the transitions came a great deal of growth, both in the children and all of our faithful Kidz leaders. We added new leaders and watched many children move up to leadership roles among the youth as they aged out of Kidz Church but wanted to remain and experience all that God is doing among the children. We are so very thankful for all the leaders who serve our kids and impart into them each week!

Every year we host numerous events, and 2022 was no exception! We took a number of kids ice skating and hosted an ice cream party. And, of course, we had our annual Easter celebration and egg hunt. It rained that day, but nothing was going to stop us from fellowshipping with the kids. So, we hid over 1000 eggs in the Embassy sanctuary for them to find! It was glorious fun, and they learned so much about the joy of the Lord! We had our very first Kidz choir that joined on the Embassy stage for the Easter Celebration service! During the summer, we hosted our annual Vacation Bible School, and the theme was the Jerusalem Marketplace. The Servolution team partnered with us, and our volunteer “marketplace vendors” joined us for the VBS activities and fun. As we came to the second half of the year, we hosted a “Back to School” event for the kids and gave them some school supplies and a few small gifts to carry with them to remind them of how much Jesus loves them and to equip them to share His love with their classmates. We also had our “Movie Night Under the Stars!” Who doesn’t love popcorn and an engaging movie about the Lamb of God? We wrapped the year up with a dynamic Christmas celebration. Our Kidz choir and our flag/dance team participated in the Embassy for the big day!

We had a year full of fun, exciting activities, but do you know what was the greatest thing to witness with the children this year? It was their worship coming forth! We watched many times as the children would fall to their knees at the altar in the presence of God and worship Him with so much love and abandon! It is a beautiful thing to witness God take hold of their little hearts and for them to know just how much He loves them!

We celebrate a year of victory and breakthrough with our Kidz ministry. We rejoice and thank God for the growth we have seen. And we look forward to the greatest revival and harvest that we have ever known coming forth! We have never been this way before, and this is just the beginning!

Much love and many blessings!

Dayna Lopez
North Palm Kidz Pastor

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Nursery

Hello, North Palm Families!

It’s that time again, time for the Sunday Nursery and Preschool Annual Report 2022!! YAY!! We have had a wonderful year of growth and development in the Sunday Nursery and Preschool areas. 😃 Some of our children that began the year in the Nursery area have moved up to the Preschool and some progressed from Preschool to Kidz Church. It has been a bittersweet year. We have said hello to some wonderful and beautiful families this year, and we have had to say goodbye to some wonderful and equally beautiful families as well.

But we are growing at a rapid rate. Our God is truly bringing a harvest of souls into our lives and ministry areas. It is a privilege and an honor to watch our children learn how to grow in worshiping, knowing the Word of God, praying for one another, treating each other with kindness and respect, and learning to love well. Watching our infants go from little bundles of joy to active bundles of joy is amazing and always a great joy.
We look forward to working with, training, loving, and caring for your little ones in this new year of 2023! The best is yet to come for all of us. The North Palm Nursery and Preschool areas remain a Cool place to be!!
Blessings always on your lives, Family!

Carlotte M. Bailey
North Palm Sunday Nursery/ Preschool Department Head

2022 was a year of growth for the NP Sunday Nursery. Leaders led with excellence by praying over each child, spreading the love of Jesus through Spirit-led curriculums, and empowering the children to learn through play. Each week, the children learned a new aspect of God through different teachers. The ways we teach our toddlers are through modeling behaviors, building character, and engaging their creativity. We have been so honored to serve the children and families of North Palm. We are looking forward to continuing to serve each family and spreading the love of Jesus in 2023!

Karyssa Heatherly
Sunday Nursery Assistant Administrator

2022 was a year of new growth and change for our NP Sunday Preschool. Kids were able to experience God’s presence and love while worshiping and learning with some amazing teachings. Each week leaders prayed and taught with love and wisdom. As some of our toddlers were introduced to a new setting and we were preparing our older fives to transition to a new area, our leaders, with patience and love, helped each child to feel loved and accepted. We enjoyed meeting new families throughout the year. The NP Sunday Preschool is excited to continue to pour into our three-to-five-year-olds while having fun. 2023 is going to be an amazing year. The NP preschool is a Cool place to be.

Blanca Hernandez
Sunday Preschool Assistant Administrator

2022 Annual Report

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Romans 12:2 NIV

Ignite Youth Ministry has seen great growth during 2022! We have been blessed to welcome many new young people to our Ignite services on the first and third Fridays of every month. There has been tremendous spiritual growth in the lives of those attending! Our theme in 2022 was “Cancelled!” Inspirational and convicting messages were released during our services including “Sickness Is Cancelled,” “Rebellion Is Cancelled,” “Isolation Is Cancelled,” “The Devil Is Cancelled,” and many more! Through these services many youth have given their lives to the Lord Jesus or made rededications and commitments to love and serve Jesus faithfully. Hallelujah!!

We were excited to travel back to the FORWARD conference in Atlanta, Georgia, for the first time since 2019! For the previous two years, the conference was simply livestreamed due to concerns about COVID-19, but in 2022 our youth were able to gather with over 11,000 other youth from various regions to worship and praise the Lord together! The youth heard life-changing messages from speakers such as Jentezen Franklin and Reggie Dabbs, and on the last night of the conference some of our youth stepped forward to give their lives to Jesus! Hallelujah!!

Our youth have also had a ton of fun together! We had a variety of fun events for the youth, including game nights, movie nights, and bonfires, that were hosted at church or some of our leaders’ homes. We also took trips to exciting places such as Stars & Strikes and a Charleston RiverDogs game! In addition to the spiritual rewards of FORWARD conference, it provided a lot of opportunities for the youth to enjoy time together, such as having fun at the hotel pool or singing together on the bus ride home. The youth have also formed a connected community, and they regularly hang out together outside of our organized events.

The Living Waters Bible study on Mondays provides an opportunity for our youth to dive deeper into the Word of God. We studied a variety of topics from the Bible throughout the year and instructed the youth on how to study and meditate on the Word daily. In November and December, we were blessed to have Angela Henderson take our youth through the ARISE program! In this program the youth learned about effective communication and leadership, and they were encouraged in their identity in Christ.

The Ignite Christmas party was the grand finale for an amazing year! We gathered to worship Jesus, the reason for the season! We also had a ton of fun together, eating Christmas treats and playing games!

We look forward to an incredible 2023, full of encounters with the Holy Spirit and powerful revival among the youth that will shake our nation.


2022 Annual Report

Missions – Costa Rica

We continue to further the vision to train and empower the church in Costa Rica to fulfill the 7-mountain mandate. 2022 was a very productive year. We partnered with 7 different churches to do 2 Kingdom Marketplace Conferences – 1 Prophetic Marketplace event and a Prophetic Arts Children event.  We continued our work in the regions of San José, Guápiles, and Escazú, and expanded our partnerships to the Jaco region, where we partnered with 5 churches to do a Kingdom Marketplace Conference. God’s tangible power showed up in every event and conference. It is evident that Costa Rica is a revival hub.

2022 Annual Report

Missions – Haiti

To all our North Palm Contributors…Thank You. Your giving is changing lives. With no time wasted, what you gave was put to use immediately!

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

Sylvia and I would like to thank EVERYONE who has made financial contributions and donated their time, energy, and items to us. Your acts of love made the difference. Your solidarity continues to advance the work we do in parts of Haiti. Your giving provided food, household items, and medical care to people in the community and helped us teach and provide proactive services to communities in need. One of these services is our LifeProof education and service learning program that provides training which promotes literacy, social etiquette, healthy lifestyles, Bible study, and community service for children and their families.

Fasting is generally known as self-sacrifice and going without. In scripture fasting also coincides with giving and doing for the less fortunate.

Isaiah 58:6-7 NIV “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?”

May you continue this type of fast year-round, doing the former without forsaking the latter. May Jesus, our Christ who sees your good deeds and knows your heart, bless you immensely for the work of your hands and the love in your heart.

Love Always,

Jean & Sylvia Rebecca

Founders of Stand for Haiti, also known as Kanpe Haiti

2022 Annual Report

Taking Ground

North Palm Farms

In 2022, we came together in agreement with the prophetic word of the Lord that we would be a “Goshen” in our region. North Palm Farms was dedicated to the Lord on October 9th, 2022. Thank you for your contributions to make North Palm Farms a reality. There is such a powerful anointing not only to have visions and dream dreams but to go to the next level with strategic plans to be the Kingdom and be blessed to be a blessing.

David Beasley, the current head of the UN’s world food program, is predicting a ‘perfect storm’ of global agricultural collapse. The biggest problem this year is food prices, but he warns that in 2023, it will morph into a food availability problem as supplies run dry. In his words, “In 2023 you’re going to have a food shortage problem.”

The problem is even deeper, as there is a farming crisis in America. The men and women who produce our food are an old group and getting older. In 2017, the most recent year for which census data is available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average age of the head of a farm was just shy of 60—nearly a decade older than it was in 1978, and two decades older than the current average factory worker. One in three farmers is over the age of 65. And the problem is worsening. Sophie Ackoff reports, “We have a crisis of attrition as farmers retire with no successors in place.”

With North Palm Farms, we will create a farming hub, open a ministry hub, and use the property for retreats, weddings, and as a community gathering place.

For more information, please visit

Joseph Company

At North Palm we recognize the ministry of all of those called on the mountain of business. With the formation of the Joseph Company in 2022, we will continue to network and resource our businesspeople to help fulfill their God calling.  Just as Joseph stepped into a moment to give direction and instruction to bless not only one nation but many nations in a time of crisis, Josephs are rising now to create Kingdom Economies and to bring strategic solutions which will bless many and glorify the Lord.

Lost & Found Ministries

Lost and Found Ministries is a Charleston-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to equip and empower women to positively transform their lives through the power of God’s Word. This occurs in small group settings, workshops, and yearly retreats. Co-Founders Jan Shirey and Alison Robinson partner with North Palm to bring “Bootcamp – Winning the Battle for Your Soul!” a practical and applicable program designed to help identify and process through life’s events and experiences. You will learn to pinpoint the source, or root, of your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and of the feelings that often sit in the driver’s seat. It is about soul healing! In 2022 Lost & Found Ministries conducted their first-ever bilingual bootcamp, giving those in the Hispanic community an opportunity to participate. They also began the work of launching an all-men’s bootcamp for 2023.

For more information, please visit

55 and Better

55 and Better led by Apostles Sam and Lizell Stark is a thriving community in North Palm filled with spiritual growth, laughter, food, and support.

2022 Annual Report


Aim. Reach. Inspire. Succeed. Enrich.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.” (Isaiah 60:1 -2 NIV)

As a testament to this extraordinary passage of Scripture, the ARISE team is excited to share our victories over this past year, 2022. God’s glory was truly revealed as our team went into the dark areas of our community, which invade our public schools on the Mountain of Education. Our team truly triumphed from victory to victory.

As pioneers leading a prophetic movement in our area schools, we faced great opposition at the beginning of 2022. We realized we were not dealing with demons that wanted to discourage us; however, we were facing principalities, territorial spirits, that sat on the throne of our schools for centuries. As the Kingdom of Light invaded the Kingdom of Darkness, we were confronted by a national organization, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), who continually threatened our school district offices, CCSD, with lawsuits, demanding that they prohibit us from bringing ARISE to our students. Because of our trusted relationship with the leaders in our school district offices and the angelic support our Heavenly Father dispatched, CCSD defended our mission and stood up to those who would come into our community and try to rob our students of this amazing adventure. To God be the glory!

As a result of this tremendous victory, ARISE was able to accompany 1,769 students in Charleston County on the ARISE adventure. The schools we accompanied were C. E. Williams North 6th grade Academy, Northwoods Middle, Jane Edwards Elementary, and Stall High School. What an amazing year of breakthrough!

In addition, Mountain-Mile Ventures partnered with ARISE and coached the principals and their teams, using the same teachings from the ARISE model. As a result, our Principal from Northwoods Middle School was recognized as the district’s “Rookie Principal of the Year.” To God be the glory!

Another amazing breakthrough was that we were given our own classroom at CE Williams North 6th grade Academy. We were granted keys, both in the natural and in the spiritual. We teach four classes a day, as students are brought to us as a part of their school experience. We are so honored to have this privilege granted to us.

We have also witnessed the fruit of our labors as principals, students, and district officials have visited our North Palm services. Some have made our North Palm family their family. God is so faithful. Thank you for all your support in prayers, encouragement, and financial contributions. Without your partnership this mission would not have experienced this tremendous success of victory to victory.

We also want to give a special shout out to Nina Monty, who helped us with our new logo design and student manual design. She was a tremendous help in upgrading and improving our image.

If you would like to partner with us, please visit our website to donate. The harvest is ripe and ready in our community schools. We are ready, willing, and able to go. Here’s to an even greater 2023. Together we will ARISE!

2022 Annual Report

Home Missions

2022 was an outstanding year of victory for our North Palm home missions endeavors. We have had the opportunity to partner with many in the community who have hearts to serve and share the love of Jesus with others. It is such an honor to serve. God still loves the world that He died for. He is still sending Jesus to those who have yet to experience His salvation and grace. He is doing that through each of us.

If you have not found an area to serve, please connect with us by calling the NP office at (843) 225-7884 or by emailing We are happy to help you find a place. In the process, you may even discover other areas of need that can benefit from such labors of love.

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs- The Witting Tree is a silent, faith-filled witness observed each day for eleven days, from November 1, through November 11 (Veterans Day). North Palm participated in the Witting Tree project by hanging 22 sets of dog tags each day on a tree in the Portal in public remembrance of 22 veterans who take their lives each day by suicide. (That is one Veteran that takes their life every 80 minutes.)

During the Thanksgiving season, we were able to give turkey boxes to 25 families of veterans in our community. During the Christmas Season and in partnership with Tri-county Veteran Support Network, we were able to bless many families of veterans from our North Charleston Police Department with hundreds of dollars in gift cards. Together as a church, we are serving those who served.

Stall High School Football Team

We were able to serve dinner to our RB Stall High School JV and Varsity teams prior to their home games. We served over 150 meals to athletes and coaches.

CCSD Encouragement Campaign

Our prophetic team partnered with our ARISE team and led two prophetic encouragement campaigns at our Charleston County School District offices. We gave over 400 personal words to our district leaders and employees, along with “treats and sweets” gift bags to uplift their spirits.

Turkey Basket Brigade

We partnered with the Turkey Basket Brigade mission and gave 53 Thanksgiving meal baskets to families in our community.

North Charleston Police Department

Our volunteers led prayer and devotion for our local police officers during their 6:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 9:30 p.m. shift changes. This mission has seen huge success, as our officers look forward to our time of sharing and feel strengthened for their duty. We have built a strong relationship with them, and they call on us for special needs and requests.

Angel Tree

This year we successfully supported 5 families and 11 children in making Christmas wishes become realities.


If you are interested in becoming an important part of our team, please contact Debi Sprouse at to begin your application process. We look forward to serving with you!

2022 Annual Report

North Palm Global – Apostles Commissioning

North Palm Global is the apostolic covering of a network of individuals, churches, ministries, and businesses in the US and in 15 nations.

Ministry – PREP Certificates:

Odisnel Cooper
Yessica Cooper
Anna Estes Sotelo
Gabriel Sotelo
Blanche Keyter
Hendrik Pieter Keyter


Timothy Ashton
Jennifer Bonilla
Travis Bracht
Vanessa Formanek
Carmegwa Garner
David Hill
Jerry Leschorn
Hazel Miranda
Madeline Mungin
Sierra Mungin
Denise Patrick
Ashleigh Zacarias
Osiris Zacarias


Joseph Gregory Calabrese – Pastor
Monica Renee Lew – Prophet
Doenisha Laynne Tannous – Teacher
Susarah Magdalena Wessels – Prophet
Steve H. and Laura A. Droze – Business Apostle
Fred and Shevon Noble – Business Apostle
Bradley and Nicole Schmidt – Business Apostle
Andrew G. Thompson – Business Apostle
Debra Vicent – Business Apostle
Jeff Wittke – Business Apostle
Iris J. Brown – Apostle
Lisa Calabrese – Apostle
R. Charles Coward, Jr. – Apostle
Dr. Jason Robert Himmelberger – Apostle
Erik Paul Lew – Apostle
Deborah Ann Remsen – Apostle
Glenn C. Remsen – Apostle
Dr. Irma Simpson – Apostle
Darryn John Tannous – Apostle
Adrian Townsend – Apostle

Intensive Partnerships

Completed in 2022:
South Africa, Alaska.

Started in 2022: Hong Kong


We were able to host two amazing young women of God from Hong Kong. During their internship they were challenged and completed a year-long ministerial class within three months.

2022 Annual Report

Resourcing the Region

2022 Calendar of Events At-A-Glance

January 10 – Lost & Found Bootcamp
January 13 – ARISE Filming
January 15 – Street Evangelism
January 26 – Charis Ministry Online Training
February 11 – Worship & Healing Night with Matt Sorger
February 20 – Encounter
March 3 – Transform Prophetic Conference
March 19 – Latin Night
March 23 – Costa Rica Mission Trip
March 25 – Levite Impartation Night
April 17 – “Victory to Victory” Easter Presentation
April 23 – Adult Cherith
April 28 – Men’s Retreat
May 11 – South Africa Mission Trip
May 22 – 55 & Better Launch
June 13 – Children’s VBS

June 23 – Forward Conference
July 1 – Honduras Mission Trip
July 15 – Pentecostal Fire Conference
July 18 – Uganda Mission Trip
July 23 – Baptism
August 4 – North Palm Global Annual Conference “Navigating the New Era”
August 13 – Back to School Bash
September 20 – Album Pre-production
September 25 – Family Day
October 1 – Reclaiming the Mountains with Lance Wallnau
October 9 – North Palm Farms Dedication
October 28 – North Palm Worship Live Album Recording
November 5 – Preparing Your Goshen Event
November 18 – Ears to Hear Conference
December 9 – North Palm Leadership Christmas Gala
December 18 – “Heaven’s Promise” Christmas Presentation

2022 Annual Report

Community Partnerships

Charleston Clergy Council
The Hope Project
International Church
Military Magnet Academy
Chicora Elementary School
Stand for Haiti
Holy City Music
IPI (In Place Impact)
Steinburg Lawfirm
North Charleston Police Department
Water Missions

Stall High School
North Charleston High School
Crown Academy
Jane Edwards Elementary
SSON/Tri-county Veterans Network
North Palm Angel Tree Project
Turkey Basket Brigade
Get em Twisted
Lost & Found Ministries
Charleston Swim
Charleston County School District
CE Williams North 6th Grade Academy

2022 Annual Report


Reviewed Financial Statements
For the Year Ended December 31, 2022

Daniel H. Bourren, PC
Certified Public Accountant

2022 Annual Report

Look Ahead 2023

Establish 2 North Palm Hubs

North Palm Farms

  • Timber Harvest
  • Erect Fencing for Cattle
  • Purchase base herd of cattle
  • Launch NP Farms House Rentals
  • Establish NP Orangeburg Hub

Launch NP Preparatory Christian Elementary School

Launch Songwriting Community

Create a Statesman Training Hub

Launch Annual Youth Conference